Tuesday, 30 October 2018

Last Day

Those two were having a serious chat today. They had lots to say and one was as determined as the other to stand their ground and say their piece. But all in all it was a friendly conversation I'd say.

Our last day of soaking in the pools here at Harrison Hot Springs. There are 3 different outside pools each one at different temperatures. When you get to hot in one you can move to one or the other of the two cooler ones. 

Plus there's a building with two inside pools. One is a fairly big warm and deep. The other one is a  hot circular pool with soft music playing in the background. This one is meant for soaking, relaxing, and reflecting.

It was difficult to find a time where I could snap a picture with no one in the pool but I finally got one.

Tomorrow is a day of travelling as we make our way back home. We leave here at 7 in the morning and I figure we should be home by 7 pm or so. Drive to Abbotsford airport. Fly to Calgary with a 2 hour stop over. Then fly to Grande Prairie. Followed by a two hour drive home. Then it's back to reality and back to work.

Monday, 29 October 2018

Sashquash Day

It's a great place to be in Sashquash town otherwise known as Harrison Hot Springs. Spent the whole day here and will be spending the whole day tomorrow before we head home and back to reality. For now, I am more than grateful to have the opportunity to soak in the hot springs to our hearts content and to hang with these rather friendly creatures whenever we come across them.

This morning we went out to grab a bite to eat and landed in this cozy little joint that served a scrumptious home cooked breakfast. It's a good thing we walked there because there was only one parking left and we didn't dare take that one.

But I found who that parking belonged to and struck up a friendly conversation with him.. He's the one that pointed to the breakfast cafe and said that's where he had just filled his tummy. Just the size of his belly was enough to convince me it must be a great place to eat, and it was!

 By the time we left we figured we better do more walking to burn some of those calories so Andree decided to follow this guys footsteps to see where that would lead us and sure enough, we encountered another one, but this guy didn't look all that friendly to me.

But then again, Andree can strike up a conversation with just about anyone and somehow eventually sweet talk them into a smile. This guy wasn't falling for it in the beginning but he eventually caved and cracked a grin too.

It took us a long time to walk only a little ways since we were always stopping to snap pictures of the many flowers and trees or simply to feast our eyes on natures plentiful gifts.

I always love yellow flowers with the brown center that look like sunflowers. Reminds me of the poetry book I'm reading right now called The Sun and Her Flowers by Rupi Kaur. It reaches the core of me. Touches me deeply.

Do you want to come and sit a while with me under the tree? We could sit on the bench facing the lake. Or sit under the bonsai tree. We could talk about everything or nothing if you'd rather just sit and be.

It doesn't matter which you choose. I'm sure that once we're together you and me it will be just like when I tell you Namaste. Which means.....

I honor the place in you in which the entire universe dwells. I honor the place in you which is love, truth, light and peace. When you are in that place in you and I am in that place in me. We are One. 

Friday, 26 October 2018

Morning Meanderings

Andree and I went to visit her sister at the home she's in again today. This time I went in to say hello but only stayed a few minutes in order to give Andree and her some time to themselves. I walked to a close by  park and made my way around it twice before returning to the room to visit some more.

There was 5 ducks, each of them very different looking sitting on the side of the water. Most of them 
were having a snooze with their head tucked in under their wing.

I guess they're used to having people and dogs around and it doesn't bother them because they weren't scared at all. It's likely one of their favorite hangouts.

While I was out there I picked several leaves of various colors and sizes. Reds, yellows, greens, and golds and I made an arrangement with them and brought them to Lise so she could have all the fall colors in her room. I managed to staple them together and tape them to her wall where she could see them.

It's too bad the sun was peeking in and out of the clouds and seemed to always be in them when I went to snap a picture so the pictures are a little on the dark side.

It's a fair size body of water and there was several people fishing. I stopped to talk to an elderly gentleman who was just packing up his fishing gear when I walked by. "Catch anything?" I asked. "Not a thing," he replied. When I asked what kind of fish was in there he said it was trout.  

There's a lot of parks in this city and plenty of opportunities to connect with nature if one wants to. And who wouldn't? It's such a great way to feel nurtured, grounded, connected and at peace.

Those are some gigantic leaves I tell you. And look at all the other leaves that came to rest on the big one and created this master piece. Nature is full of gifts for the soul.