Monday, 28 March 2016

Families Are Made of This

Looks like meditation and the practice of sitting runs in the family all the way down to the grandchildren. Little Jesse even has the thumb and forefinger in the "gian mudra" position. Another little Buddha in the making. Love her very own personalized choice of meditative cushion or space.

Part of the plan this weekend was for these 3 sisters to get together and have a good time watching the movie "Sisters" but it looks like they had a hard time getting it together before the movie even started. Warmed my heart when I saw this prize photo of the three of them sharing some good belly laughs together. Love it!

Some of Andree's family, along with our friend Marcel joined us for a pot luck Easter supper at our house. It was a good time had by all. Good supper, good chats, a few card games, and some good laughs here too. Marcel, bless his heart, showed up with an arm full of pussy willows that we were able to make several displays with.

We made a huge one that I decided to put out by the front door along with my rocker bench I brought out from the storage shed. The idea was to invite the spring time weather to stay. From now on it might just be the snow on the ground that we have to deal with. I think we might be done with fresh snow coming down. At least I hope so.

Tuesday, 22 March 2016


"Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth." - Buddha

I have a meditating Buddha in my house. For me it represents a sense of peace and calm, a place of serenity which I like to connect with at periodic times during my day.

Here's a picture of what it looks like.

Here's a picture of my daughter being sitting in a meditation room in a Buddha type pose.

Now if that doesn't look peaceful - what does?

The truth, the sun and the moon cannot be long hidden and neither will peace if we consciously live this peace within us and find ways to bring it forth into the world?

Saturday, 19 March 2016

Don't Know Why

I don't know why this picture intrigues me or why I love it so much but I do. It speaks to me of the Silence & Belonging I spoke about in yesterday's post. Alone, immersed in the silence, feeling the sacredness of the moment, filled with gratitude. Alone, yet understanding, being with, part of, one of the same, belonging.

We went to High Prairie late this afternoon and this old building of perhaps 100 years ago, with it's many unspoken stories, also spoke to me of the Silence & Belonging.

It was a wonderful afternoon. The first part of which was a very pleasant hour and a half spent visiting with some good friends we had not dropped in on in a while. From there we stopped at home, picked up all the empty bottles stacked in the shed and took them to the bottle depot before making our way to see our other good friend, Marcel. We had to twist his rubber arm, but we finally convinced him to join us for supper in High Prairie.

It was a pleasant fun filled ride there and back. Of course Marcel was snapping pictures from the back seat.

Lucky us, we saw 2 moose and 5 deer on the way back. Got home after dark and I suited up for my 2nd walk to reach my 10,000 step goal for the day. Actually made it to 11, 440 despite going here and there, doing this and that and not having that much time to walk.

Oh, and while out on one of those walks, three different flocks of geese flew over head.

Spring coming maybe?

Friday, 18 March 2016

Silence & Belonging

The Fitbit is working well for me. Keeps me motivated and I'm seeing some results which is always encouraging. Last week I had 70,154 steps in and so far this week I have 76,295.

The sun was making it's way down as I was walking by the school yard tonight. Once that sun goes down, the temp drops and I head home.

On Thursday, I had a client who had to cancel his appointment at the last minute so I got my coat and mitts on and took off down the river walk that's right behind my office. It was cool to watch the big chunks of ice floating down the river.

The middle of the river is opened up and flowing freely but the sides are covered with all kinds of neat ice pile up designs and every now and then you hear another chunk breaking lose.

The trail led me around the back of the downtown area, across a foot bridge, around to the museum, by the Catholic Church and right down to the end of the trail where there's one of the oldest RCMP houses that still exists and has been well preserved. I didn't think of snapping a picture of that but I did get the raven who was patiently waiting for the church bells to chime, or something.

So you must be wondering - why the title Silence and Belonging? It's two different subjects, or maybe not quite so different, that I am feeling a strong urge to write about. I think I have a lot to say on those two things. Probably enough to write a book!

Sunday, 13 March 2016

I Love Weekends

So, I got an early birthday present. A Fitbit. I had been looking at those little gadgets for a while wondering if I would find one useful and fun to have. I gotta tell you, I love it so far.

It's helping me make healthier choices that's for sure. In fact I've lost a few pounds in the short time I've had it already.

All except for one day this past week, I was able to get in at least 10,000 steps a day. But, even on the day I wasn't able to reach my goal, I still got in 6,668 steps. Not too bad I'd say.

Here's something I snapped on my walk today. You can tell we live in a windy country when they can't keep up replacing the flags in town. These are looking pretty sad already.

I've had enough of winter now. I'm ready for dry roads, sunshine and green grass. Can't wait to give my bike a tune up and head down the road. 

I'm the one who's supposed to plan the bike trip this year. I better get on that real quick if I want to make it happen.

Here's my Jody (love the smile on that girl) and my two granddaughters who live out in High River.

I wish I lived closer to my five grandchildren sometimes. They grow up so fast. I want to make sure I remain part of their lives as much as I can even though I am not always able to see them as often as I'd like.

Carys, the little artist. She looks like a midget on this giant chair.

And then there's Jesse the upcoming actress of all times. I hope she never loses her spunk.
The live dinner theater play last night was quite the production. Had a lot of good belly laughs which is always good for the ....well, for the whole person actually.

There's so much volunteer work that goes into something like that. Every single one of the actors and volunteers deserve a standing ovation as far as I'm concerned.

I'm back in the work seat tomorrow. Won't be much time for blogging or walking but I'll make it happen as much as I possibly can.

Friday, 11 March 2016

Walkabouts & Stuff

So, I didn't end up going to Red Deer, (a bit of a misunderstanding there) so I get to attend the local dinner theater play tomorrow night after all. I'm looking forward to that. It proved to be a wonderful and long entertaining evening last year.

Did a bit of an outside photo shoot today so I can put a new picture on my website and various other listings I have on the internet. The one with my long hair is a bit outdated. People are kind of surprised when they walk into my office for the first time. Best to have a more accurate image of who the're coming to see, or so I'm told by the marketing gurus anyway.

Went for a brisk walk on the river trail just behind my office at lunch time on Friday and a snapped a few pictures.

Snapped another one tonight when I tried to outrun my shadow on my evening stroll. I look like some kind of outer space giant with no arms.

Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Creative Expressions

It's been a busy day at the office and heading into another busy day tomorrow and Thursday.

Always grateful for the work. Funny though since the basis of my work really boils down to working myself out of a job.

Two of my young clients expressing what they are living with the modeling clay I gave them to work with.

Sunday, 6 March 2016


Replenished the wood supply in the house this morning, took Pumpkin for a little stroll, then went on a 2.5 km walk of my own. The wind was blowing from the East pretty good. Walking head on into it on my way home made it a little slower going than when it was pushing me in the back.

I met this fellow along the way. He just decided to sit tight till the wind died down I think.

After my walk I went to check on three houses and two cats that I'm sort of looking after while the people are away. Everything checked out okay. This big guy decided to come out from under the bed today. He is starting to miss his people and was really happy to see me.

My poor little grandson Finnley has been having a rough go since last week. The flu bug got him good. He hasn't been able to keep anything down plus he's been running a fever. His buddy Clover felt sorry for him so she snuggled up to him to try to make him feel better. I hope it works. Nothing else has.

Meanwhile, Carys and Jesse got over their cold and got to attend a birthday party. They had lots of fun and got to have their face painted.

Those grandchildren are growing up way too fast I tell you. Next thing I know they will be taller than me and getting all dolled up for their junior high prom!

Well, I'm off for a shower and to bed with my book to read a chapter or two maybe.

Saturday, 5 March 2016

Back In The City

It's a 2 hour drive from home to Grande Prairie. Knowing we had to be there by 10 Saturday morning to bring the SUV to Hyundai for a recall to change the alternator and head gasket, we decided what the heck! Might as well leave today, do a little shopping, take in a movie and camp out at a hotel with a pool and hut tub. So we did!

Nice desk to sit and blog at. 

We worked all morning and by early afternoon we were on the road. We can't afford a trip to Cuba or Mexico but we can swing a partial weekend a couple hours away. It's been a wonderful day and evening and I'm super grateful.

That is one huge bed!

Went to see "Eddie the Eagle." Loved this movie inspired by true events of Eddie Edwards, a ski jumper at the 1988 Calgary Winter Olympics. Well worth going to see in my opinion.

Tomorrow's agenda. Pool, Breakfast, Hyundai, Farmer's Market, London Drugs, Tea Shop, Best Buy, Costco. Then hopefully our vehicle will be ready and we can head back home. Pumpkin will be waiting to greet us. She was not a happy camper when she saw us leaving with an overnight bag.

A read this quote today and thought to myself, how true!
"Don't be afraid of death; be afraid of an unlived life."
—Natalie Babbitt 

Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Blunder, Blunder, Blunder!

I didn't have to make my way to my Peace River office today so I took the opportunity to go out for an afternoon walk before the sun went down, something I don't usually get to do unless it's the weekend. It made me feel better about the blunders I've made in the past few days.

Yesterday I got a call inviting me to attend a conference in Red Deer on the weekend of March 11th. to set up a table to sell my book "In Search of Oneness." After getting some details I agreed to go.

I was just hanging up the phone and excited about sharing my news with Andree when a thought came to me and my heart sank. Oh no!

"What's the matter?" asked Andree.

"March 12th - it's the day we have tickets to go to the live theater play in Jean Cote that we bought way back in December isn't it?"

"Sure is." she responded.

"I did it again!"

"Did what again?" she asked.

"The same thing I did the other day - double book myself because I never marked my personal stuff down on my calendar."

The other day being when I agreed to hold a book reading and discussion night in St. Isidore for a group of women who once a month organize a special event for people in the community who wish to attend.

The date for this presentation is on April 7th. The same date for which, a month or so ago, I purchased two tickets for my editor to attend a talk by Margaret Atwood at the Winspear Center in Edmonton.

Two events which I was looking forward to attend have now been replaced with two completely different and unexpected opportunities that landed on my doorstep and I agreed to without realizing they were on the same dates.

Gotta wonder about my head space and how life is full of weird curve ball surprises sometimes.