Monday, 4 May 2015

An Oasis

My little relaxation, inspiration corner that sits right behind my computer desk.

A beautiful day today. Cool cloudy morning but more sun this afternoon although it remained cool throughout the day. Walked 3.5 km to a little dirt road that runs along the canal. It's the only place to find running water out in this part of the country and it's only for part of the spring. After that it pretty much runs dry.

Lots of trouble with the blog tonight for some stupid reason. Wrote three times and could never post it - so here I am again. Stubborn ass me. Giving up is not often an option in my world.

Still, I should cut this short. Should be in bed. Have a crazy busy day tomorrow. Oh wait a minute. It's tomorrow already.

This evening was spent with good friends, sharing a scrumptious supper of roast beef and gravy, baby potatoes, green beans, salad, corn on the cob, and finishing off with an ice cream birthday cake in celebration of an 89th birthday! Goodness, wish I will be in such good shape by the time I reach that age.

Ok, enough already! To bed I go.


  1. Wonderful pics! Also, remind me what you needed help with on the blog.

  2. Thanks Kate. Looks like your part of the country I'm sure. What I had asked about was to have a place where people could be notified when I post. Got it on there now.

    1. Does look like here; also, I love seeing the inside of people's homes.