Thursday, 30 April 2015

Today I Intend To Focus On

Making the world right in the only way I know how – by doing the right thing myself, by continuing to ask for guidance for myself and for everyone else so we can be on the Red Road, not only as individuals but as a family, a community, a nation and a world.

My focus is to live Oneness so that those who come into my life can also feel this Oneness and want to make it part of their lives too.

My focus is to walk my talk, to live in a sacred manner, to be the role model I wish the world to be.

Instead of focusing on violence, war, arguments, what is annoying and what doesn’t work, I will focus on what should and can be.

My focus is to live love. I believe love is the greatest weapon there is to change the non-love that exists. Love can change and heal lives. That will be my focus today. It will be to live LOVE.

Right now, as I sit outside to write this – where I am somewhat sheltered from the wind, the sun beams down on me, welcomes me, makes me feel warm even thought the wind is a cold and relentless wind.

My focus is on the love in my heart, the warmth of the sun, the opportunity to sit outside in the fresh air, the time to myself to appreciate. This is how I choose to look at today instead of looking at it as another day of bloody wind and how it takes away from a pleasurable day.

Here in this small way, right here, right now, this is my focus. This leaves me feeling the love I want to be; today, tomorrow and every day.

End of the day reflection:  Love is warm and soothing. Even though it was cold outside, I was warm in my heart. It made for a good day.

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