Monday, 18 April 2016

A Grand Old Time

Made the 8 hour drive from High River today. Got home around 6:15. It was such a beautiful day to be travelling. Almost had me wishing I was sitting in a roll down top to cruise down the highway. Seemed a shame not to physically be outside even though I had the sun beaming down on me.

My time in High River started off with an open mic night in a new coffee shop that just opened. A variety of local musicians gathered to play some bluegrass and rock and roll. They were amazingly good and I thoroughly enjoyed my evening with my two daughters Brenda and Jody and two granddaughters Carys and Jesse.


Saturday morning we visited a few local shops and stopped in at the museum to see the Superman display. Did you know that most of Superman 3 with Christopher Reeve was filmed in High River?

But of course we couldn't make our way out the door until Carys and Jesse had time to play dress up.

It was hard to convince them to get out of there in time to go to Kayben Farms on the outskirts of Okotoks. It's a delightful place to take kids for a fun day in the fresh air.

 Well adults can have fun too. Nothing like a good fast slide to make one feel like a kid again.

Yup! That's me.
My two younger daughters and me.
The grandchildren and me.
Time for a good hearty lunch after all that play.
Maybe some farmers around here should think about getting a little creative with their grain bins.

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  1. What kind of farmer has time for such art? I have to ask. Every farmer I know is run off his feet. But yes, it looks great!

    Good to see you enjoying yourself so much. Life is good.