Monday, 11 April 2016


So Thursday night was the book presentation in French. Good feedback on that.

Friday and Saturday was a book display at the Farmer's Market in Peace River. Made for long days. It's hard for me to sit still in one spot unless I'm counselling.

Sunday was a day well spent helping out some friends. That's always rewarding in it's own way.

Monday back in the counselling chair. Makes it difficult to get my walks in when my job requires me to physically be still. It often means walking in the dark even though there are more daylight hours now.

I've been using my Fitbit for close to 6 weeks. It's helped me stay on track with getting fit, or at least fitter than I was. Takes determination to stick with it but it's rewarding to see results.

Here's a pic I snapped when I was walking by the canal about a mile from home. This is when the water was running full swing with the snow melt. It's about as close as I can get to the sound of a creek. Unfortunately it only flows that much for about a week or so. It's down to a trickle now.

And this is on one of my walks in Peace River by the Heart River bridge. There are some neat rock formations in that spot.

Don't you just love how the days are getting longer. I thrive on sunlight. I don't think I would last long way up North when it's their winter season with almost no light at all. On the flip side though, I would love to be there when they have 24 hour days. Don't know that I'd ever get any sleep though.

Let me introduce you to the next little Picasso, alias grandson Finnley, in deep concentration working over his art piece.

And absolutely not. Our cat never jumps up on the kitchen table. Especially not when I'm having my breakfast and morning tea. Never!

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