Thursday, 7 April 2016

Meeting The Challenge - Lancement de livre en Francais

A month and a half ago when I was asked to do a book launch in French, I thought, what the heck; I'm always up for a challenge. But two minutes later I was questioning my sanity and secretly hoping for a good solid case of laryngitis for April 7th or for the village of St. Isidore to suddenly vanish into thin air never to be heard of again. 

Neither one of those things happened. So, as promised, I showed up and I delivered and I must say, it went surprisingly well.

Twenty or so women gathered around the tables at the Centre Cultural eager to hear me read and share my story.  I read excerpts from my book, they asked questions, I responded, and encouraged open floor discussions.

For two and a half solid hours, we laughed, cried, questioned, and remembered. The challenge was met, but more than that, connection was made, truths were spoken and Oneness was lived.

And that to me is the purpose and the reason of it all.


  1. Wow way to go Mom! Impressive and very proud of you!

  2. Did you translate the pieces you read out of the book?