Tuesday, 24 March 2015

A Walk on the Beach

An after supper stroll with my sister Diane and her dog Gypsy on the beach of Okanagan Lake which is right across the road from her house. A better walk than when I set out by myself at 7 this morning in the pouring rain. We did get some sunshine by afternoon though and tonight's walk was quite pleasant.

It was a busy day today. The schedule was full as it will be tomorrow. I pick up my editor at the airport at 8:15 am and the day will unroll into the evening faster than I can blink an eye I'm sure.

Me thinks it's a good thing that the day will be busy. It will keep me from getting too worked up before the book launch at 7 pm. At least that's what I'm hoping will happen but that remains to be seen.

These little wild yellow sunflower looking beauties are starting to cover the mountain sides. I just love those little buggers. They are my absolute favorite. It's too bad they only last for a little while then they disappear. Another thing that affirms the importance of living in the moment and being grateful for what each moment brings.


  1. Well Lou, your book had me tearful in bed yesterday morning before work, and staying up reading too late last night. Good job! Can't wait to get home again tomorrow night and dive back into it. Thanks again for the gift.

  2. Oh, I'm glad it finally got to you. Please let me know how you enjoy the book once you're done. Would love to get your feedback.