Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Bing, Boom, Bang!

We're having a lot of light flashes followed by a lot of rumble out here tonight. No water yet, which is a good thing. There's enough for now. Storms are interesting. Don't you think? I like watching the excitement. Pumpkin, on the other hand, hides under the bed until the racket is good and stopped.

At least I got to cut the grass and hill the potatoes tonight so if the rain starts coming down again, at least that's done. I even found a few radishes that were ready to eat. Hmm, they're so tender and tasty when they're fresh out of the garden. Can't wait for those carrots and peas.

I also got to cook hamburgers on our outside fire pit for supper. They were scrumptious. Beats a restaurant burger any day.

Following supper I went for a 10 km bike ride in and around town. Stopped a few times to snap some pics and feed the horse out at the fair grounds. He's such a handsome looking fella. I love the smell of horses and petting their soft nose. It's been ages since I've ridden one though. Miss that.

He kept me busy giving him treats of fresh grass from the other side of the fence.

A model of the first chapel from 1917-1922  in my  home town.


  1. You've got a pretty great life, don't you!

    1. Yup! Sure do. There's bumps in the road like everyone else but it's part of life so what the hell.