Saturday, 18 June 2016

Stay at Home Day - Almost

Journal Entry -  Saturday, June 18/16 9:40 am

It's amazing out here on my back deck. I'm sheltered from the wind, which isn't even all that bad this morning, plus the sun is out in full force and beaming down on me. Could a person ask for more on a day off? I think not.

I'm sitting with a cup of Alpine Berry tea at my bistro table with my journal and pen. Pumpkin is stretched out under my chair, the only place she could find to grab a bit of shade.

The fountain up against the corner of the house is surrounded by various green grassy type plants and is giving me the illusion of being by water. Hanging just above the fountain is a huge basket arrangement of bright little yellow flowers that look like upside down bells.

It feels good to be writing. Where I go and what I do today is not dictated by schedules or "have-to's." It's my day to do as I please. The best way for me to enjoy a day off is simply to play it by ear.

I love days where I can make spur of the moment decisions based on what my intuition tells me to do or where I'm being guided to go. Those kind of days are the best.

I realize it can be hard for others when there's no schedule to follow but I'm so bound to time lines, appointments and schedules during the week that I feel like I've been let out of the box when there's a weekend with no solid boundaries and "have-to's" ruling my day.

I guess I'm a bit of a rebel that way, or maybe it's just the result of years of raising a family and having to work to earn a living. Or, maybe it has nothing to do with any of that and it's just part of life. Regardless of what it is, I think I could quite easily slip into a gypsy type lifestyle and love every minute of it.

It's been so long since I picked up my pen and journal that it's downright shameful. I'm kind of looking forward to what I believe will be a slower lighter client caseload over the summer months. I plan to do  a little bit of travelling and a lot more reading and writing to charge my batteries and rejuvenate my soul.

7:30 pm
It's been a super awesome day so far. Warm, sunny, relaxing and hardly any wind. But it looks like it may quickly be coming to an end. The sun just hid behind some thick black clouds and the wind is stirring the trees around like mad. I might have to go in and grab a blanket if I want to keep sitting out here.

Ok. Blanket employed. If I'm lucky the clouds won't let go and I won't get wet. The clouds are beautiful though. There are so many different shapes, sizes and colors and they move incredibly fast. It's like a tapestry of different artistic sculptures dancing above my head - a true magic show for which I have a front row seat.

10:30 pm
Well I had a chance to go for a 3 mile walk and a 10 Km bike ride plus eat supper outside, and do some cloud watching before the rain came so pretty good I'd say. I'm happy with that.

When it started spitting  and it was obvious the rain was coming, we jumped in the truck to go see Eric and Janine's new baby, Heidi. I got to cuddle the little doll for a bit. Newborns always smell so delicious.

Oh and yesterday, I was outside and I had to make a phone call but the wind was so bad I couldn't hear so I sat in the truck and miss Pumpkin  thought that was a great idea so she jumped in and settled in on the passenger seat.

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