Sunday, 26 June 2016

Sunday Meanderings

A day with no rain is a good day. So today was a very good day. Not a drop came down. I tell you, we've had our fair share lately and so has everybody else it seems. Yesterday we got a little bit but not a lot. It was mostly big rumbling thunder. I figure whoever lives up there is doing some major renovations or shuffling all their furniture around to create a new look. That must be why it gets so noisy down here.

Sure is quiet with just me and Pumpkin at home. Andree is building memories on a mother-daughter trip to the Maritimes. I am really happy for her. What a treat!

I kept myself pretty busy all day. I did take time to do some writing this morning which was super nice to do. Then I spent most of the morning trimming and cutting broken limbs off our two maple trees out front. There was more to do than I thought. Took a while to do the cutting then hauling it all to the town disposal place.

After that I attacked the ant nests that are all over our lawn with a second round of chemicals. I thought maybe I had the problem licked after my first go at them last night but there was still some running around in those huge mounds of dirt this afternoon. If I don't get this under control they are going to walk away with our whole house soon. I never like killing things but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do. Pumpkin thought she'd stay out of harms way and keep an eye on things to make sure I did a good job.

Cooked myself a good supper tonight out on my back yard fire pit. Only when it's pouring out do I eat inside now that summer is here. I never stay in the house any longer than I have to.

I did a few more things after supper then I went for a walk on the side road heading North out of town. Walked to the canal and back and that was it for tonight. Already had a lot of steps under my belt with all my activities of today.

I kind of defeated the benefit of my exercise when I decided to head out to town for a soft ice-cream after. Oh well, all in all, it was a pretty good Sunday.


  1. Perhaps you should ditch those chemicals and use some diatomaceous earth to get rid of your ants, supposed to work great and non toxic!

    1. Well, I'll have to look that up and see if there's any available in this neck of the woods. Which I kind of doubt but it's worth a shot. Thanks.