Friday, 26 June 2015

A Pumpkin Walk

No not an orange pumpkin. Pumpkin my shadow. I was gone for a week and she hasn't let me forget it since I'm back. She watches me like a hawk, starts hollering when she can't see me and is at my heels otherwise. She's quite the loving little creature although that's certainly not the reputation she's set up for herself. She's been called the "bitch" cat by many and most times rightfully so. But for me, she's  mush. And after I've been away for a while, she's double mush.

She asks me to take her for a walk every day now. If I do something once or twice with that cat, she figures it's routine from that point on. So off we went again tonight for our usual little stroll around the backside of my neighbor, along the railroad track, then back home. She poked her nose everywhere and sniffed at everything then she ate grass while I snapped some pics. I can never get enough of the beautiful sunsets around here. Just amazing. Fills my bucket!

All these pics were taken at 10:37 pm. Not too many hours of darkness around these here parts at this time of the year.


  1. Those tortoiseshell cats (or whatever they are) always seem to have more character than most! And no one dares mess with them, either.