Sunday, 7 June 2015

Trade Offs

An unusual day for me. A day of nothing and everything. This morning I debated whether to stay home and work on sanding the deck, mowing the grass at home and at the neighbors, washing windows, or escaping to go relax somewhere I wouldn't have to see the work that needs to be done. The decision....none of the above.

Instead I made a conscious choice to enjoy staying home and do only do things I want to do or say I'll do when I'm finished with the work, (which never happens anyway).

I ended up taking a nice long hot shower, reading, meditating, writing, answering emails, and doing a little web browsing. After that I lined up all my inside plants on the back deck and sprayed them with warm soapy water to get rid of spider mites that are curling up their leaves.

Sitting still int he backyard gave the neighbor the opportunity to come over for a chat. She came over with some fresh baked tea biscuits and lemon filled cupcakes. Hmm, good!

Followed that with a bit more writing then put on my biking gear and went for a 20 km ride down the highway. Not so pleasant a ride today with all the campers, boats, trailers and motor homes speeding by me on the highway. I surely do miss those Kelowna biking trails but I certainly wouldn't trade in my sunrise and sunsets, that's for sure! There's always a trade off, isn't there?

Did I mention the card I picked from a life purpose oracle deck the other day?

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  1. Haha that's a fitting there a second book to come?? Way to go on all the bike riding!