Wednesday, 1 July 2015

What Matters to Me

“Heart Centered Connections” is what matters to me.

This is why I had to write a book that came from the heart and had the potential to reach into the heart of others otherwise there wasn’t going to be much point in writing it.

This is why I can’t do the small talk conversations for very long without my eyes glazing over.

This is why I look for and thrive on heart centered relationships with meaningful conversations where there is the opportunity to go deeper.

This is why I am nourished by books that carry a message I can learn and grow from and by the writing I do every day.

This is why I love moments of solitude and the moments when I connect with the grandeur, mystery and gifts of nature.

All of this provides me with “Heart Centered Connections” that add meaning and purpose to my life - connections where you are connected to me and I am connected to you in the center of our being.

This is what matters to me.

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