Thursday, 7 July 2016

Odds & Ends and Bits & Pieces

Can someone please remind me why on earth we have mosquitoes?

I either have to be a brave soul or a desperate one, I haven't quite figured out which, to be walking down the side road where there's a farmer's field on either side and tall grass along the ditches. Those little critters were out in full force tonight I tell you.

I had to pull down my sleeves to cover my hands, pull up my hoodie to cover my ears and speed walk as fast as my short little legs could carry me. Ahh...but it was worth it. Just witnessing the ever changing canvas in the sky filled my heart.

It will make 2 weeks on Friday that my honey is gone but she'll be back Sunday. She's having a grand old time sharing a trip with her daughter. She even got to dip (her feet anyway) into the Atlantic Ocean on the coast of PEI the other day and tomorrow she visits old Quebec. I'm so happy she got to do this. It's a dream come true for her!

I did a little travelling of my own over the long weekend. I loaded my bike on the back of my SUV and headed out to High River. Spent a few days with my daughters and on my return trip, I took a longer back road kind of way home. I always love to go by Rochfort Bridge, a CN trestle landmark near Sangudo.

On Canada Day, my son-in-law James, ran 20 km in a half-marathon. He was some exhausted when he came in across the finish line but surprisingly, he recuperated quite fast. I can't even imagine running 1 km never mind 20 km. He sure as heck got a nice medal to acknowledge his accomplishment.

Later that afternoon, James, Brenda and Finnley went back to George Lane Memorial Park to join in the Canada Day festivities.

Of course Finn had a walk with Grandma too and of course we had to stop and smell the flowers and play by the river.

Resting on the big log.

The next day, Jody and I went for a bike ride and explored around the country side. Nice paths, paved side roads and choices of where to ride around there. Wish I had those kind of riding options around home. Took advantage of it as much as I could and thoroughly enjoyed it. 

Pumpkin was lucky enough to have people come clean her litter box, feed her and spoil her everyday but, just the same, she was one happy camper when I got back home and now she won't get out of my face!

It's been back to work ever since my return. But that's quite okay. I'm getting primed up for another Quebec city excursion soon. I'm going to accompany a friend so she can visit her sister and her niece again. Aren't I the lucky one?

I'm not going to bring my bike but I sure as heck am going to rent one once I get there. Well, to bed now. That's about all the travelling I'm going to do tonight.


  1. Yup, should be fun - which reminds me, I have to call and book myself a bike for when I get there.