Saturday, 11 April 2015

Fed Up!

I'm fed up with my hair again. I can feel another haircut coming on. Especially when the wind is blowing across the prairies like it was today. Might do a lot more layers this time. That might settle me down for a while and make things a whole lot easier to manage. But who knows. Maybe a month from now I'll be itching for a much shorter cut leading me right back to what I used to have. I wouldn't be surprised that's what is going to happen by the time summer roles around.

Then there's the male hormones. Seems I have an overabundance of those suckers. Hair growing everywhere as if I had both feet planted in a bucket of fertilizer and was sucking it in through the pores of my skin. Just had my face waxed a short while ago it seems and I already have a new crop sprouting. My arms, they are like a gorilla and I could very well use a lawn mower when it comes to my legs. Even my nose has hairs that insist on poking out of my nostrils. I have to either tug them back in or grit my teeth and use a broad pair of tweezers, grab 5 or 6 at a time, give it a quick yank and dance my way down the hallway using a few choice words.

Life, it's so bloody hilarious sometimes! Gotta laugh - what else is one to do?

I took my books to a local Farmer's Market today. Sold a dozen or so.

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  1. That's fabulous! Selling a dozen books is no mean feat!