Saturday, 18 April 2015

I Never Know

I don't like it. I never know if I should write in my journal or post on this blog. Choosing one usually ends up meaning I abandon the other. Doesn't feel right. Feels like I'm a traitor. Like I'm somehow abandoning ship. Is there a way around this dilemma?

Should this place be for the more surface stuff and my paper journal the more intimate, juicy, raw emotional things I live? Kind of feels like I'm separating myself when I do that but maybe that's the way to go. The question then becomes does anyone even want to read the surface stuff? And the question that follows next is, does it matter when only a few people actually know that I write here and out of those few, unless they decide to leave a comment, who knows who actually comes here to read what I post?

Today turned out to be a fun day. Left home, went to Falher to gas up and pick up a bite that we could eat on the road. Headed West towards Tangent then 55 km North to the Shaftsberry Ferry which took us across the Peace River.

When we got off the ferry we drove into town, went to Canadian Tire for a few supplies then I got my bike out of the back of the SUV and biked up and down the trail that follows the river's edge through town.

Got to pick a bouquet of the first flowers of the season to bring back to Andree who was reading her book in the vehicle while I maneuvered the trails.

From there we went to the pool for a swim and a soak in the hot tub. Got out of there and went to a quaint little Mexican eating place called Su Casa Cafe. A very unique little out of the way place. A well kept secret, or so I thought, until we walked in and were lucky enough to grab the last available table.

Drove back home by the Judah Hill which makes for beautiful scenery even though it's still all gray out there. Can't wait for the leaves and the green to appear and brighten things up.

Sitting at home now, writing here, and now I'm going to pick up my paper journal and write a few more words there. If I decide to start a bigger writing project I might have an even bigger dilemma on my hands!


  1. It's true, it's a "dividing" thing to write in more than one place.
    Then again, different places/formats seem to access different aspects of the self, and that's a good thing for a writer.
    I often lift stuff from my paper journal or my computer journal to put onto my blog, especially once a day or two have passed and the subject feels less raw and more shareable.
    Instead of driving myself to write everywhere every day, I just write somewhere every day.
    And still worry about "scattering" my energy, doing a half-assed job in several places and a stellar job in none.

    I'm glad you're blogging. Heartfelt and lively content always comes from you, and I've missed it.

    1. Thanks Kate. Helps to know how others are managing the urge/need to write in several places. Your comments are always welcome. Have you gone through my book yet?