Monday, 6 April 2015

Weekend Meanderings

I had a lot of time to think about my weekend in High River on the 8 hour drive back home alone. I was thankful. Thankful for my three lovely daughters, their partners and my grandchildren and the time we shared together. I felt fortunate that I had the opportunity to go see them, the vehicle to make the trip with and the money for the gas to get there. I haven't always been able to do that. Least not as often as I'd of liked to.

I appreciated our time together and loved every minute of it. We laughed, loved, and lived some good moments. Shared meals. Went to a few shops. Watched a couple of movies and went swimming.

I walked the dog, read stories to the kids, thoroughly enjoyed watching the kids doing the Easter egg hunt, and took great pleasure in observing how my daughters are good parents and how they are moving forward in their lives.

My trip home was a reflection of all this and much more. It seems it wasn't so long ago it was me that was in their place. I was the one raising them.

I wondered where they will be in their lives next year, in 5 years or 10 or 15. And where I will be then. How are lives will have evolved and changed and what we will become.

Long trips alone are good times for mind meanderings. I find it interesting how the mind travels through time, past, present, future. Nevertheless, I kept coming back to the present moment and how I was filled with gratitude for what was right here, right now.

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