Thursday, 23 April 2015

Fifteen Years In the Making. Freaky!

I picked up an old journal of mine today. This is the passage I read.

Nov. 19/2000
"There went that flash across my mind and that thug at my heart again. I see myself reading and speaking my words to people. Connecting with others at a soul level. Why? Why is it always there poking it’s head out at me anytime, anywhere, even when I’m in a completely different world, completely removed from writing. It’s like a recurring dream only I’m always wide awake. It’s almost spooky, a phantom in the daylight.

Sometimes I wonder why I don’t just push life out of the way and write. Do nothing else but write as much as I want. Do things that are connected with writing all day long. Why don’t I just do it? What would happen to the rest of the stuff where my energies go now? Would the place fall apart? Would the world quit spinning? Would I starve? Would I have to give up the house and live on the streets? Would the Universe support me? Would things work out some home? Would I be considered a lazy good for nothing? And would it matter if I was?"


Fifteen years later, tomorrow morning I am leave to go to Edmonton. At 7 pm I am meeting with a group of people who are part of a book club. The book they just finished reading was, "In Search of Oneness." Tomorrow they are meeting for a discussion night about the book and I have been invited to attend. I have a feeling I will be connecting to these people at a soul level. In fact I suspect that through my words, in some ways I already have. It should make for an interesting and challenging evening. 

The above journal entry also struck me since I've lived exactly that at the book launches I've held in Edmonton and Kelowna. Perhaps I will also live this at my next launch, scheduled to be in High River on May 6th. Yep, all a little freaky!


  1. And next thing you know it keeps snowballing and then it's Oprahs book club!
    Proud of you mom.

  2. Too funny - people last night at the book club said they felt like they were on the Oprah show being with the author and getting their book signed.