Sunday, 12 April 2015

Wind, Wind, Wind

Last night the chimney cap blew off the chimney and bounced across the roof and into the back yard. It's the second or third time we blow our top since we moved in here.

This afternoon we were heading out of town needing to go to High Prairie to pick up some supplies at the hardware store, (one of those purchases being a new chimney cap to replace the one that got all buggered up from it's many falls), and a metal garbage can came flying across the street causing us to swerve in the other lane in order to avoid driving on top of it.

When we walked from the car to the store, then back to the car we had to make sure to keep our mouth shut to avoid getting our teeth sandblasted from all the grit being swept off the streets and flying around. Sure made for one nasty doo I tell you! What I should of had is one of those lids that sinks down to below my ears. That might have saved the day in the hair department anyway.
After supper Andree came to help me fold the huge tarp I had covering the wood pile and when the wind caught in it, it turned into a huge parachute and it darn near had us air born .

Tonight I went for a walk and my time was 11 minutes per kilometer instead of my usual pace of 12.5 minutes per kilometer. With the wind pushing me in the back I picked up speed and for a minute there I thought I was Olympic material.

A wind powered go-cart. Now that would be fun. I should tell Ryan to get on that.


  1. Haha this whole post and your picture gave me a good laugh! Been battling the crazy winds every day here too lately.