Monday, 22 February 2016

Back to School - Memories

I attended a band concert at school tonight. Whoa! Talk about bringing back memories. I graduated from that school, in that same gym on that same stage in 1969. So did my 3 girls, each their turn. That kind of says I'm as old as that stage and then some.

Hey, anybody remember this? That was my first reader when I went to Guay School - the school I went to for my first 2 years. It's the book I wrote about having to read from while standing at my teacher's desk in my memoir. Not such good memories.

I went to meet my friend who lives out at Winagami Lake this afternoon and him and I went for a walk together. It was such a pleasant beautiful warm day. I could have stayed out there a lot longer but I had to get back home.

When I got back Pumpkin was waiting for me to take her for a walk. So off we went for a short walk down our street. Then I had to scramble to get ready to leave for the concert.

The rest of the evening I was at the computer. Learning, fixing, adjusting, exploring, writing.

Damn! Just discovered none of my contacts transferred over to my laptop.

Hmm....yet another puzzle to try and solve.

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