Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Return to Sender

After spending 6 hours with a computer geek to load all my programs and documents and what not onto the new laptop, plus many more hours of trying to swim my way around with this new toy, I returned it.

That's right. Back to sender!

Not because I gave up on it but because it's got more problems than I do.

When I spoke to the computer geeks today and told them how my battery was not even lasting 2 hours they immediately said that it should not at all be like that and to return it.

To be quite honest, I was relieved. Not only was I not impressed with the battery performance, I was also not impressed with the keyboard, and some of the other features.

Bottom line, that computer is gone and another one is on it's way. A totally different brand, look and feel. If I'm lucky it will be at the store on Friday and it will be up and running with all my programs by Saturday. Fingers crossed on that.

Then it will be back to the learning curve. Can't wait!

I mean really, what other way is there to look at it?

How many months to Christmas? I should have it under control by then. Lol!

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