Monday, 15 February 2016

Catching Up

No posts from me last week. As much as I don't necessarily like it, sometimes some things have to take priority. Work and sleep seemed to be the ones that took over most of my four day week since I took Friday off to go to Edmonton. Being it was a long weekend I wanted to leave and return early so as to miss most of the traffic and the busyness of it all.

Trying to get ahead of my shadow
It was a good weekend but an expensive one.

It was good in the sense that we had a great visit with Andree's friend. We stayed at her place in St. Albert and that was pretty cool. Our own little suite, jetted soaker tub and all. We talked, played cards, went to a movie, visited another friend over lunch and did some shopping. But before that, on Friday night we took my granddaughter Sadie and my grandson Cole, out for supper for his 15th birthday. He was a Valentine's baby that birthday boy.

Brin, a Bouvier dog, was my friend for the weekend. Especially after I took her for a walk. I wanted to take her home she's so cute and cuddly. Don't you think?
It was expensive in the sense that we bought a new printer and a new computer - or should I say a new headache! Oh my good lord! I am in for one major learning curve I tell you. Windows 10 - a real challenge, new Microsoft Office and a new Word program which I use the most and which is also way different. Plus, just the fact that's it's a new computer presents several challenges of it's own.

Our old printer decided it had worked hard enough.  It has been giving us grief for a while but last week it decided to quit on us and my computer has been crashing a lot and doing all kinds of weird things for a while too. We had to do something. Can't run a business without technology these days.

Sunset as seen through rear view mirror
There are many times today that I asked myself if it was worth it to spend all that money and create so many headaches. I mean really? The better choice, or at least easier and less stressful choice on this  old gal, might have been to buy a new couch or mattress since we need that too. Oh well, one thing at a time is all we can do.

I have to keep reminding myself of this while tackling this steep learning curve. One thing at a time. This old mind isn't what it used to be but eventually I'll get there. By Christmas maybe.......


  1. It's pretty normal to feel frustrated when you get a new computer or new software. A universal condition, apparently!

    1. You got that right! It's hard to get excited about a nice new machine when you feel like throwing it across the room. Lol!