Wednesday, 17 October 2018

Fun Night

I didn't get through the evening without sweating a little and my mouth feeling like the Sahara Desert while I was reading. But, once more the rewards were plentiful and it was a worthwhile, fun and pleasant evening. 

We were a diverse group of authors, seven altogether who shared how our book(s) came about followed by a short reading.

I started by reading the quote that got posted on my author Facebook page. It was good to start with a chuckle. It eased the tension in the room or should I say my  own. I followed that with a short intro about how finding my voice and using it has pretty much been a life time struggle for me and I read a couple of short passages from my book that illustrated that.   

Sounds like it resonated with a lot of people from the questions, comments and chatting that took place once the formal part of the evening was over. I enjoyed hearing from the people who came to speak to me about their own story and how the little bit I shared hit home for them. It's so awesome to hear those kinds of comments. It makes every struggle a writer goes through that much more worthwhile.

That's the ultimate for me - the connection that happens with others and how it opens up conversations that otherwise would never take place.

Oh, yes, and a lady came up to me and asked if I wanted to join the Peace River Writer's Group who apparently gets together every 2nd Wednesday. Uhhh.....ya! You bet your bloomers I do!

Meanwhile, back at the lake, my friend Marcel is out there taking some amazing photographs. I told him he should start his own blog instead of me stealing his photos to post here, but he made it clear he had absolutely no intentions of starting a blog so I'm the lucky person who gets the honor of posting the occasional one here.

Winagami Lake - photo by Marcel Tanguay

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  1. You're lucky Marcel is so generous! Scott has a great eye for pics but is stingy about sharing them with me for the blog. -Kate