Thursday, 25 October 2018

Travelling Along

On Wednesday, Andree and I left home at 5 am in order to catch an 8 am flight into Calgary. It was a beautiful drive with the bright full moon guiding us all the way there.

It wasn't long after we were up in the air that the sun popped out to say good morning. Too bad we had the wing of the plane obstructing some of the view but I wasn't complaining. Kind of need both wings to make a safe journey.
Sunrise from up above.
The pilot pulled a U-turn over downtown Calgary in order to point us in the right direction to bring the aircraft down on the runway. I swear that city stretches across so many miles it feels like it goes on forever. Last I read up on it I think the info said the city covered 825 square km. or so.

A view of downtown as we're coming in for landing in Calgary
We had a little over an hour stopover before boarding a bigger West Jet aircraft to take us to Abbotsford which is only about a 40 minute drive from Vancouver. We much prefer landing there than in Vancouver. From there, it's only a 70 km drive to Coquitlam which is where our final destination was.

Doesn't all those fluffy white clouds makes a person want to step outside and go for a walk?

A sea of clouds
Across the street from where we're staying, which backs onto a mountainside, there are several accesses to trails that wind their way through the forest. When I went for a walk it was like entering a whole other world. It felt like I was being pulled into a magical place. 

I could have gone on forever but with my poor sense of direction I likely wouldn't have found my way back had I ventured out further than I did. Tonight, Michelle, the lady of the house here, said, "there's some nice trails in there but don't go walking by yourself because there's bears." Too late!    

The top of the tree
I took a photo of the top of this tree and the photo below is the trunk of the same tree. No matter how hard I tried, there was no way I could get the whole tree in the picture. So I took a picture of the top and one of the trunk but the mid-section is missing.

The trunk of the tree

What a beautiful canopy to walk under.
This one I took standing and looking up above. So beautiful compared to the tiny often sickly looking trees we have in Alberta.

One of the beautiful bridges over the streams
And then I came upon a couple of bridges to get across a little stream meandering it's way through the forest. That's when I found myself wishing I had brought my journal with me so I could have sat by the water to do some writing.

There's nothing like sitting in the middle of a forest with the sound of running water close by to inspire and awaken creativity.

Want to walk in the water and choose a favorite stone?
Such beautiful vegetation and leaves everywhere
This walk in the forest was just what the doctor ordered after being on the road and up and down in the air. A wonderful way to end the day.

Today, Thursday, we had a relaxing morning, went to visit Andree's sister at the nursing home, went to the mall for a bite to eat and an inside walk since it was raining outside and at 7 pm we went out for dinner with two of Andree's nieces and their husbands.

Too noisy a situation for me to be able to take part in the conversations but it's always a good opportunity to practice lip reading.