Saturday, 13 October 2018

Lunch Is Being Served

Well, I gave in. I was thinking of not feeding the birds this winter since it can quickly add quite a bit to the budget. But, how could I not. We got so much enjoyment out of all our visitors last year. They brought life to what can sometimes be a long drawn out winter. Besides, look at the pretty little cabin feeder we got as a gift. How could I resist putting it out there.

I'm changing what I'm going to buy for feed though. I'm hoping to attract more of the smaller species and less of the blue jays. They are pretty birds but man oh man can they ever make a mess with how much they scatter all over the ground and waste in order to find the seeds they prefer.

Our friend Marcel, out at the lake attracts different birds than we do in town . He started feeding a couple of weeks ago and it didn't take very long for the critters to discover that lunch was being served at his place.

There's a few other hungry wingless competitors showing up at his feeding stations though. Pretty soon he's going to have a regular zoo at his place. What a cutie! I'm looking forward to my next visit with Marcel. Hopefully I will also have the opportunity to meet this little fellow in person.  

Yup, that's snow on the ground and that bunny's ears and feet are turning white so you know what that means. Another season is rolling around the corner along with a whole new set of adventures to enjoy.

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