Tuesday, 30 October 2018

Last Day

Those two were having a serious chat today. They had lots to say and one was as determined as the other to stand their ground and say their piece. But all in all it was a friendly conversation I'd say.

Our last day of soaking in the pools here at Harrison Hot Springs. There are 3 different outside pools each one at different temperatures. When you get to hot in one you can move to one or the other of the two cooler ones. 

Plus there's a building with two inside pools. One is a fairly big warm and deep. The other one is a  hot circular pool with soft music playing in the background. This one is meant for soaking, relaxing, and reflecting.

It was difficult to find a time where I could snap a picture with no one in the pool but I finally got one.

Tomorrow is a day of travelling as we make our way back home. We leave here at 7 in the morning and I figure we should be home by 7 pm or so. Drive to Abbotsford airport. Fly to Calgary with a 2 hour stop over. Then fly to Grande Prairie. Followed by a two hour drive home. Then it's back to reality and back to work.


  1. You're a brave woman, to take your phone anywhere near water! I wouldn't dare, I'd drop it in for sure. No scrolling in the bathtub for me! As it is, I'm amazed my phone still works -- I've dropped it so many times.

    Looks like you two are having a lovely time.


    1. Yes, some lovely decompressing time following some stressful time with visiting relatives who's health is suffering. Much going on in the lives of so many we are close to. Thanks for reading Kate.