Monday, 2 November 2015

Being Human

On a personal level, many things that have happened lately have made me realize more and more that "the spiritual work of being human is learning how to love."

Loving through the good times and loving those who love us is the easy part, but loving when love is not reciprocated, or loving through adversity is when the real challenge of being human comes into play.

When I reflect on the people who have the strength to walk through my office door to seek help with the issues they are facing, I can pretty much say the issues, in some way shape or form, have to do with love.

Not feeling loved, now knowing how to love, love being withheld, losing the love they had, wishing they had loved more or been able to express it more, the mistakes they've made when it comes to love, the lessons they've learned or what they feel is the lack of love in their life.

It's all part of being human and our journey in learning how to love.