Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Sustaining Wonder

A quote by Mark Nepo says, "Our aliveness depends on our ability to sustain wonder." 

I chose to focus on that today. It was easy to do. I had a day off and I was on the road.

On our two hour drive to Grande Prairie and the two hour drive back, (yes, I went to GP again), I had the perfect opportunity to observe the wonders of nature and to let myself drift into a state of wonder. 

I saw how the sun and the wind made the yellow stubble in the fields and the grasses in the ditches come alive. 

I marveled at the horses standing with their bums to the wind and their faces to the sun. 

The deer munching in the meadow. The cows gathered in a circle as if in session. 

The ravens sitting on the road until we were almost close enough to touch them before they flew away. 

The clouds that appeared to be shooting colored rays from the ground up reaching towards the sky - continuously changing colors as the sun made it's decent in the West and slowly said goodbye to the day.

Nature always invites me to be still and quiet, to listen and to observe. From this centered place, I feel life awakening within me and I realize that yes indeed, my aliveness depends on my ability to sustain wonder. 

Oh and part of the reason for returning to GP today is because the winter jacket I bought the other day, and paid a truck load of money for, didn't keep me warm at all on a short 10 minute walk in weather that wasn't even much below zero yet. So back to the store it went in exchange for another. This time a much warmer jacket and a much brighter color. No one is going to lose me that's for sure!

Now if only I could figure out a way not to lose myself I'll have it made.

A jacket with a built in GPS maybe?


  1. I called the Bodhi Tree and they have a Buddha almost identical, Lou, so it will be shipping out to me shortly.

    1. Hey, that's awesome! Did you send them a picture of mine?

      I will expect to see a pic on your blog of your Buddha when it arrives.