Sunday, 22 November 2015

Meandering Through My Thoughts

Every day that starts off with a relaxation and writing time is a good day in my books. That was the kind of morning I had.

My first words of the morning in my paper journal were:

"A bit of sitting in my chair to write. Almost unheard of lately. Wish I had more time, yet I am absolutely grateful for the work I have at present. There's a lot of expenses to pay from now until the end of December.

It's such a good feeling to be able to get to my journal. I sure miss these kind of writing interludes. They don't seem to happen often enough lately.

I had a debate with myself just before I sat down to write. Both sides of the argument were pulling at my heart strings. Obviously the pen won.  My desire to go for a walk in the morning sunshine will have to wait."

And wait it did. When I finally lifted my pen from my journal, it was a couple of hours later and unfortunately by then, the sun had already disappeared. Time flies when I'm lost in thought and writing away.

So, a lady has contacted me to see if I would do a "counselling retreat" type of thing with her. She is looking for a place to get away, a time alone to work on her stuff, along with daily counselling sessions for about a week or so.

I was a little hesitant at first not knowing what her expectations of a retreat were but she assured me she is not looking for a "spa" type of thing. She wants a simple cabin type of setup, and someone to work with her to guide her on her journey.

Right up my alley. I love those kind of clients willing to spend the time needed to do their work. It's the best kind of scenario for them and for me to work with them.

In fact, I am thinking that at one point, I may switch my advertising to strictly doing that kind of intensive one on one work with individuals. It's the most rewarding kind of work situation there is. And of course, the goal of my work, as strange as it may sound, is always to work myself out of a job. It's to see my client walk away from me. To walk towards the goal they set out for themselves when they began to work with me.

Later this afternoon, I took myself over to the pool for a swim and a soak in the hot tub. Sure is far to go to a pool now that I've moved here but that's the way it is. Then I forced myself to  go do a bit of grocery shopping. Came home, had supper, answered emails and did more writing.Yup, a pretty good day I'd say.

Tomorrow, November 23rd, is the day my son died. It's been years and years since that tragic day and yet I never forget, (and never will), that day or his birthday.

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