Sunday, 29 November 2015

Walk Along With Me

It's been a long time since I had a chance to take a walk in the great outdoors.

I wonder, when I retire, will it be easier to do the things I love doing or is it me putting sticks in my own wheels?

I used to say I'm taking a walk to the lake. Now I say, I'm taking a walk to the sewer lagoon.

No, I'm not kidding.

Not quite like walking along Okanagan Lake but good just the same and in some ways, much more peaceful.

My shadow is tall and so little. I think I like it better than my real self.

Next week I'll be taking a very different kind of walk with Josee as my tour guide in old Quebec city. Woohoo! That should be a fun walk and make for some very different snapshots too.

This little fur ball's mom and dad are coming back tomorrow and he gets to go home.

And this big fur ball and is going to be one happy camper! Maybe her nose will no longer be out of joint and she'll finally come down from the top bunk and join us again.

Did some research work and planning today for someone who wants to come and do a one week intensive counselling/retreat with me. Love that kind of work, which I'm thinking I might have already talked about in a previous blog.

Oh well, if that's the case, you get to read it again and that's okay. I'm not out for perfection here - or anywhere else for that matter.

Another busy week ahead of me right up until Thursday. On Friday a friend (who's 89) and I are off to Edmonton and on Sunday we board a West Jet flight to Toronto then on to Quebec city where we will spend 4 days visiting with her sister ( who's 93) and her niece Josee, (the tour guide I mentioned above).

I'm looking forward to this new adventure. Should be a blast!