Sunday, 13 March 2016

I Love Weekends

So, I got an early birthday present. A Fitbit. I had been looking at those little gadgets for a while wondering if I would find one useful and fun to have. I gotta tell you, I love it so far.

It's helping me make healthier choices that's for sure. In fact I've lost a few pounds in the short time I've had it already.

All except for one day this past week, I was able to get in at least 10,000 steps a day. But, even on the day I wasn't able to reach my goal, I still got in 6,668 steps. Not too bad I'd say.

Here's something I snapped on my walk today. You can tell we live in a windy country when they can't keep up replacing the flags in town. These are looking pretty sad already.

I've had enough of winter now. I'm ready for dry roads, sunshine and green grass. Can't wait to give my bike a tune up and head down the road. 

I'm the one who's supposed to plan the bike trip this year. I better get on that real quick if I want to make it happen.

Here's my Jody (love the smile on that girl) and my two granddaughters who live out in High River.

I wish I lived closer to my five grandchildren sometimes. They grow up so fast. I want to make sure I remain part of their lives as much as I can even though I am not always able to see them as often as I'd like.

Carys, the little artist. She looks like a midget on this giant chair.

And then there's Jesse the upcoming actress of all times. I hope she never loses her spunk.
The live dinner theater play last night was quite the production. Had a lot of good belly laughs which is always good for the ....well, for the whole person actually.

There's so much volunteer work that goes into something like that. Every single one of the actors and volunteers deserve a standing ovation as far as I'm concerned.

I'm back in the work seat tomorrow. Won't be much time for blogging or walking but I'll make it happen as much as I possibly can.

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