Friday, 11 March 2016

Walkabouts & Stuff

So, I didn't end up going to Red Deer, (a bit of a misunderstanding there) so I get to attend the local dinner theater play tomorrow night after all. I'm looking forward to that. It proved to be a wonderful and long entertaining evening last year.

Did a bit of an outside photo shoot today so I can put a new picture on my website and various other listings I have on the internet. The one with my long hair is a bit outdated. People are kind of surprised when they walk into my office for the first time. Best to have a more accurate image of who the're coming to see, or so I'm told by the marketing gurus anyway.

Went for a brisk walk on the river trail just behind my office at lunch time on Friday and a snapped a few pictures.

Snapped another one tonight when I tried to outrun my shadow on my evening stroll. I look like some kind of outer space giant with no arms.

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