Sunday, 6 March 2016


Replenished the wood supply in the house this morning, took Pumpkin for a little stroll, then went on a 2.5 km walk of my own. The wind was blowing from the East pretty good. Walking head on into it on my way home made it a little slower going than when it was pushing me in the back.

I met this fellow along the way. He just decided to sit tight till the wind died down I think.

After my walk I went to check on three houses and two cats that I'm sort of looking after while the people are away. Everything checked out okay. This big guy decided to come out from under the bed today. He is starting to miss his people and was really happy to see me.

My poor little grandson Finnley has been having a rough go since last week. The flu bug got him good. He hasn't been able to keep anything down plus he's been running a fever. His buddy Clover felt sorry for him so she snuggled up to him to try to make him feel better. I hope it works. Nothing else has.

Meanwhile, Carys and Jesse got over their cold and got to attend a birthday party. They had lots of fun and got to have their face painted.

Those grandchildren are growing up way too fast I tell you. Next thing I know they will be taller than me and getting all dolled up for their junior high prom!

Well, I'm off for a shower and to bed with my book to read a chapter or two maybe.


  1. Getting all dolled up for their junior high prom??!! Whoa don't be talking like that! And what the heck do you really still have all that snow there?! Looks like a completely different time of year!

  2. Yup, there's snow here. In fact I was out shoveling the drive and a pathway to the woodpile on Sunday. I might be ready to move to High River soon.

  3. Ya I'll say...I was doing yoga outside in a sunbeam in a tshirt!

    1. The kids have played in the park with just tshirts or dresses many times!