Friday, 2 December 2016

A Flow With Change Kind of Day

When I got up this morning I had an agenda for the day but it didn't take long that it all flew out the window and went the other way.

That's just how it goes sometimes and there's not much a person can do but to flow with the changes. If you try to do otherwise you get your ginch all tied in a knot and that can get damn uncomfortable.

So it's best to say yes to life and to live the present moment for what it is. Often times, if you take the times to see it, there's a gift or two waiting to be discovered there too.

In fact, it looks like my whole weekend is going to be other than what I thought it would be and that's also okay. The gift at the end of that is that we'll finally have some furniture back in our living room.

Andree's had her new chair for 6 weeks or so but mine, and two other chairs, had to be special ordered and now they're ready to pick up and bring home. Yippee!

The only problem I can foresee now will be to make myself leave the comfort of my new chair, and the warmth of my home when the fireplace is going. Especially once the thermometer starts dipping and hovering to around -25 to -30 below which apparently is coming early next week.

So far it's been pretty decent as far as temps go though and this morning we were blessed with a gorgeous sunrise. I wasn't out there walking, (part of my plan that went awry), so I only saw it from my window, but my friend Marcel captured the beautiful picture above and shared it with me.

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