Sunday, 11 December 2016

A Fun Sunday

Well, it's been a while since I've shown up here. I swear days come and go faster than I can bat an eye lash.

So how has everyone who lives in Northern Alberta been enjoying the cold snap we've been having? It's been mighty nippy out here. Down to -37 with the wind chill there for a while. Seems to be easing off a little now though.

I had some "me" time late last night and early this morning which I fully enjoyed. I had a chance to write in my journal yesterday evening and to do more writing at the computer after breakfast today. I put my music on and lost track of time. I love it when that happens. It's like entering a different world. One I love being in.

Someone drove into our yard this morning to pick up some Christmas lights I advertised on Facebook. After he left, I got dressed in my winter gear and was about to make my way to the wood pile for another load of firewood for the fireplace, when I looked out the window and discovered his tires tracks had left a perfect heart shaped imprint in the snow.

After lunch, Andree and I went on a Christmas tree hunt. We wanted to surprise some friends with a tree for their house. Our adventure took all afternoon but what a fun time we had accomplishing this task and delivering our little surprise.

Of course, never ones to have a dull moment in our lives, while on the hunt for this tree, one of the farmers who's land we went by, thought our driving around slowly and looking around was rather suspicious so he decided to follow us to make sure we weren't casing out the area with the intention to steal from farmer's properties. Can't say I blame him as there's been a lot of that kind of stuff going on.

After several miles of being followed by this guy, we decided to stop so we could tell him what we were doing. He seemed quite relieved to see we were just two harmless old ladies looking for a Christmas tree and left us to go on our merry way.

Not long after, we spotted it! The perfect little tree. Exactly the size we were looking for.
To make things a little more challenging, the chosen tree happened to be across the ditch and on the other side of a fence.
Got it!
Now to get back over that fence.
Ok, crossed the fence, now to get it across the ditch.
Voila! Andree sat in the getaway truck so she could snap pictures of the feat.
Off to town we went to purchase a few things to adorn the gift of nature, then back home to decorate, have supper, and get ready to go deliver it.

First the lights.
And a few balls, ribbons and candy canes.
Mission accomplished!
And off we went to deliver it to the recipients of a fun Charlie Brown Christmas tree.

Yup - love those kind of days!

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