Sunday, 4 December 2016

Life Moments


Kate helped to set me up with a different looking blog site and I love what it looks like but I can't figure out how to get people who subscribe to my blog post through email to go to the website where my blog actually resides. It's a darn shame since I find the pictures and layout looks so much better on the blog site.
But, then again, it might be that if people don't have the convenience of reading the posts in their email, they might not even bother clicking on a link like this one which would redirect them to the blog site. If you prefer the email version of my post that's fine too, but at please do click on the link I just gave you so you can at least have a peek. Okay, enough on that.

Blissful Contentment!

Don't I look like a queen poking away at my keyboard. I could very easily remain snuggled under my blanket in the comfort of my new chair for the next 48 hours or so while the temps dip down to the -25 to -30 range.

With the wind howling outside and the fire crackling in my wood burning stove inside, you wouldn't have to twist my rubber arm very hard to persuade me stay glued to my present post.

The Reality!

Tomorrow is Monday which means back to work and jumping in with a full day which is more than okay. I'm grateful for the work and I truly enjoy what I do. Plus I'm grateful that I get to be my own boss and I get to call the shots. I decide what days I work, what hours I work, and what days I take off. That's a huge plus in my eyes.

There are disadvantages of course. I don't have a regular paycheck to rely on, I can't call in sick, and I have no one to replace me if I am. But, at this point in my life, I wouldn't want it any other way.

Connection & Family

My youngest daughter and my youngest grandchild in a snowy winter scene photo. Makes me realize how lucky I am to have 3 daughters and 5 grandchildren, the importance of  a sense of connection and of family.

It also makes me realize how old I'm getting and how life seems to move along faster and faster. It seems the year barely gets going and the first thing I know, it's December and another one is coming to an end. Another reason to fully live each moment of the day.

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