Friday, 30 December 2016


I decided I had better redeem myself before the year comes sliding into the finish line.

I've been asked, "How come you're not writing on your blog anymore?" I could list a whole shit load of excuses, all of them very valid and true.

I was away for a week, I was busy with clients, I was running around getting Christmas things done, there were a couple of visits to relatives, an evening entertaining friends, and a host of other things that right now, I can't even recall.

By the end of the day or days, I had no desire to sit at my computer and the only writing I managed to squeeze out of me were a few disjointed, incoherent thoughts in my paper journal.

But, things have slowed down some now. I've had more time to just be and let my mind wander, and that's when I feel myself getting hungry for words. Plus I've started a new journal and that's another thing that gets my mouth watering and my juices flowing. The blank page always invites me to come forward and explore.


My week away was to go visit my two daughters in High River and to give Brenda and James a hand, who as of December 15th, became the proud new owners of Okotoks Natural Foods. Drop in and visit them on their Facebook page here. They will be busy beavers with this new store along with Highwood Natural Foods in High River.

I didn't get to stay for Christmas but I'm grateful I had the opportunity to go before. I had really good roads to travel on this year and I got to see my grandson and two granddaughters open their gifts from Grandma before I left to come back home.

Here's Finnley dressed in his snow gear on Christmas Eve leaving a snack of grain for Santa's reindeer.

On Boxing Day my three daughters got together at Jody's house. When I was there before Christmas I left a present for each of them with instructions that they weren't to open their gift until they were all together. They each got a T-shirt. The shirts say.......

I'm the oldest child. I make the rules. I'm the middle child. I'm the reason we have rules. I'm the youngest child. The rules don't apply to me.

Andree and Marcel are busy carving the turkey on our Christmas Eve, friend, entertainment night. What a blast we had breaking bread together, exchanging gifts, laughs and good cheer.

And here's our house all lit up at night with Pumpkin under the Christmas Tree.

Like my granddaughter, Sadie used to say; "I'll be back!" Soon, I promise.

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