Friday, 2 December 2016

Sleepin In The Shower

Did you ever do that? Sleep in the shower I mean.

I stood there tonight, letting the hot water from our recently purchased rain shower head, wash away the chills of the day, and thought to myself, if I had a continuous hot water system, I would have absolutely no problem settling into a bath chair and sleeping in the shower. Would you?

For me there's nothing more delicious than the thought of lingering in a hot shower after a long days work at the office, a 45 minute drive home, working at the computer for another hour or so, followed by a walk under the stars on a dark cold night. Really, can there be anything more delicious than that?

I can literally feel the tension in my shoulders start to let go as my muscles soften and slowly unwind. I love how my skin tingles and comes alive while my mind,no longer needing to focus on anything in particular, is free to roam - and roam it does.

I swear, it's while in the shower that I get my best ideas. I gotta ask. Is that where you get your best ideas?

Yup, for sure. The person who invents waterproof paper will be a millionaire. But I don't think it will be me. I'll be too busy thinking about what to write next or actually sleeping in the shower.


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