Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Late Night Post

I probably shouldn't be writing a post this late. When the end of my day goes late into the evening, and I decide to write, I often end up making mistakes I don't see until the next day. That's often why I don't post. Tonight I said to myself, what the hell! Just write whatever comes and let it go.

I started work early this morning, had a break mid-day, then had appointments until 7:30 pm and didn't get home until 8:30. That's when the paper work starts. How much more pleasant work would be without the paper work.

Saw the chiropractor today. It was a costly but worthwhile visit, I think. At least he sounded hopeful to have me functioning better within a few treatments. Hope he's right. According to his findings, there's been a compression and jamming together of several bones at the bottom of the spine and into the tail bone which has been causing the pain. The stretched tendons in my ankle, he figures, is also the result of the my battle with the ocean wave. He thinks he can fix that too. Would be a plus.

Grabbed some take out lunch today and went and sat by the river, in my SUV. Too cold to sit outside even though it warmed up some compared to the frigid temperatures of earlier this week. It's not sitting outside kind of weather yet, but sitting in my SUV and facing into the sun works for me.

 A few weeks back the river was still flowing nicely. Not so this week. There's a huge mix-mash of ice blocks covering the water now. It looked like an artistic sculpture in some places. Good place to sit and enjoy a quiet lunch.

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