Sunday, 26 February 2017

Random Stuff

Ten whole days I've been away. Not away from home but away from my blog. As I've said many times before, I can't seem to do it all. I write here and I get lonely for my paper journal. I abandon my blog, spend more time with pen and paper, and I start feeling like I've neglected this and need to show up again. Sometimes I have a hard time to understand me.

The thing is, I feel disjointed when I jump back and forth from one writing place to another, or I write bits and pieces in two different places. It messes with my mind. I was never one who could have more than one journal going at a time like some people do. A dream journal, a happy journal, a sad journal, a travel journal. Geez! That would drive me absolutely bonkers.

Valentine's Bouquet 
Maybe it's just the way my brain works. It's a one track brain. It's the same with interactions with people. I enjoy and do fine with one on one conversations, but start adding people and the more you add, the less I hear, the more my head spins, and the less I participate. Hmm... maybe I do understand me and I quite okay with who I am really.

Oh, wait, I said I wasn't away, but I was away from home for a day or two. I made a quick, almost turn around trip to Edmonton and back to pick up our new chairs. Dropped in for a surprise visit and overnight stay at Karen's and got to see Jody and her kids who were down from High River to attend the Edmonton Silver Skate Festival. I went with Karen to the festival's evening story telling walk which ends with a fire burning ceremony. I enjoyed it, It was fun.

Jesse snuggling with Grandma
Carys snuggles with Grandma
Yesterday Andree and I went to sell our bottles in Mclennan, and decided to keep going to High Prairie and go to the pool. Once we were done swimming it was close to supper time so we went out for supper followed by a movie. It was a fun time.

Today, it was brunch at her son's place and when we came back home I went out for a two mile walk down the side road. My foot is still not 100% but it's getting much better. Tomorrow, it's back to work.

Silver Skate Festival Fire Burning Ceremony

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