Friday, 3 February 2017

Grasp The Moment

That's what I've been practicing lately. Grasping the moment and going with it. Today was a prime example of that. More on that later.....

First, look at who we were babysitting for two days this week. Peaches. He's so sweet when he stretches out and sleeps beside you but watch out after he's had a good nap. He turns into a little devil racing around the house chasing everything and anything in sight back and forth from his toy mouse, to a ball with bells, to a piece of Chiclets gum, he bats around the kitchen floor.

His owner, Nicole, says she might get another one and call that one Cream. Then Andree and I can babysit Peaches and Cream and we'll both have one to cuddle with on our chair.

Oh yes. I was going to write about grasping the moment. On the way home from doing a cleaning job around noon or so, I asked Andree, "Do you have any plans for the remainder of the day?"

"Nothing, that can't be changed at a moment's notice," she answered. "Why do you ask?"

"No particular reason. I was just wondering," I said.

So we had lunch and went about our day. I shoveled some snow, went for my first short walk since I've injured my tailbone, and did a few other odds and ends, as did Andree.

At 3:30 my phone rings. It's West Edmonton Mall calling saying my glasses are ready. It's too late for them to put them in the mail today. It wouldn't happen until Monday and not sure when they would get to my place. Andree and I look at each other and nod to one another.

I answer the guy at the other end of the line. "What time are you open till," I ask.

"Nine pm."

"Hold them there, we'll go pick them up."

By 4:00 pm we were on the road and tonight, I sit at my computer with my new glasses! I preferred the ones I lost in the ocean, but nevertheless, I'm so ever grateful to be have my eyes again.

Woohoo! no more off and on, off and on, with reading glasses and lousy distance vision. Grasping the moment can lead to truly wonderful things!

Heading back home tomorrow.

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