Sunday, 5 February 2017

The Wonder of Nature

I don't get it! How in the world do those tiny little black-capped chickadees survive when it's so damn cold? I am a million times bigger than that little fellow and I need to put on 50 lbs. of clothes in order to survive out there, and even then, I don't last all that long.

Coming in for a landing.
Look at this guy. Weights practically nothing, a few fluffy feathers and tiny little legs the size of a piece of spaghettini and it flies around as if it nothing was. Doesn't make any sense in my head.

Sure, there's all these explanations on the internet about how they survive and how they don't freeze, but still, when I look at this little thing that fits in the palm of my hand and I compare it to how big I am, how come I'm the one who's freezing? It's hard to wrap my head around that.

Today was a stay at home and stay in kind of day. Oh wait, I did run out this evening to plug my vehicle in so it will start in the morning but that was the only time I stuck my nose outdoors.

Okay, I'm full. Time for a nap.
I hope the weather smartens up and my tail bone starts feeling better soon so I can go out there and get back to walking. I miss that.

All photos courtesy of my friend Marcel
Tomorrow I'm going to try getting an appointment with a chiropractor and see if maybe that will help things move along quicker. That's my hope anyway. I have to get in shape for a BC bike ride that's in the works for June. I wouldn't want to miss that for sure.


  1. Love those chickadee pics!
    Tailbone bruising takes a long time to go away, as I recall. In my teens I was knocked off the top of a load of bales by a power line, and landed on my tailbone. Lucky that didn't turn out far worse.

    1. Yikes, that sounds like it was painful too!
      Yes, I imagine it's a long healing process. Not an area one can do much about. I did further studies so I could do a sit down job as my body couldn't handle too much physical work anymore. Now I have a hard time with sitting all day. Go figure.