Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Sunrise on my morning drive
Made a trip to High Prairie this morning to get my tires balanced. No more shimmy shake shake down the road for me. Will be good for my road trip to Edmonton on Friday.

Looking forward to getting away and doing something different for a while. It's always good for a person's mental health to shake things up a bit. As long as the shaking has nothing to do with your tires that is. Two more work days, then I'm off on this little adventure.

Buddy went home yesterday. He was a little confused when his owner walked through the door. Couldn't figure out who he should be loyal to after spending over 2 weeks being spoiled by Andree. They had some pretty serious heart to heart those two.

Almost always when I sit down to write I like to play some music, Where I go in my writing is often influenced by the music I listen to. It helps me to connect at a different level than if I just write in the silence, although that can be good too.

Music, as long as there are no words, or the words are not in a language I understand, let's my thoughts flow more freely.

Music lets everything else fall away and I drop down a notch or two. My exterior world disappears, I drop into my inner world and from there I hear my voice and let it emerge on the page.

I'm wondering, does music influence your life? If so, how? Does music help you tap into your feelings and write?

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  1. I've never thought about whether music affects my writing or my ability to hear my inner voice, but it sure does make washing dishes a pleasure!