Sunday, 10 July 2016

An Overnight Escape

I had a couple of sessions on Saturday morning but by noon I was finished so I packed up a few things along with my bike and headed out to Winagami Provincial Park. There was a few good hours of sunshine when I got there, then the clouds came rolling in and not long after the thunder, lightening and rain.

I had to wait out in my SUV until it cleared up then I was able to cook a late supper and read my book by the campfire until midnight. After that I was ready to call it a night and snuggle up in my make shift car bed.

I woke up several times during the night, as per my usual, but was soon back asleep and holy jumping jupiters, would you believe it, I never crawled out of there until 10 this morning! I can't even recall a time when I slept in that late, except maybe when I was a teenager, so that tells you how long ago that would have been.

Today ended up being a beautiful warm sunny day which I thoroughly enjoyed. I read, wrote, walked, biked and sat in total appreciation of nature and the time to drink it all in. The wind rustling through the top of the trees, the birds singing their morning praise, the smell and sound of the campfire crackling and popping, and the sun beaming down on me filling me with life. It was good day.

I stayed until 5 pm then skedaddled home to shower and put all my stuff away before my honey got home. Yup, she's back and she had a great trip but she didn't last long tonight having traveled all day today. We had a chat for a while but once she stretched out and got comfy in her lazy boy chair she was sound asleep in no time.


  1. Did you ask a squirrel to snap a photo of you??

    1. Haha, good one! No, not exactly - but my friend Marcel dropped by and did the honors.