Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Fun Day

It was a fun day. Sat outside in the swing to write in my journal this morning. Then I went for a walk for about a mile or so in a different part of the park than yesterday.

In many cities around home hanging clothes outside is not allowed but in Quebec it's something we see quite often.

Josee gave me a ride to the bike rental shop to go pick up my bike then her and I cycled our way to Old Quebec on the bike path that follows the Fleuve Saint Laurent. What a wonderful ride it was.

Explored old Quebec on foot. Went to grab a bite - a well known Quebec dish - a poutine. Then I topped it off with a pralines and cream ice cream cone. Not good for the waist line but I am pretty sure that between the biking and walking I did today I worked off those calories and maybe even more.
Part of a mural on a building
This one reminded me of buildings in New Orleans

Double deck tour bus

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