Thursday, 28 July 2016

Lamp Shades In The Sky

No I'm not dreaming and no I haven't been sipping on a bottle other than a diet Pepsi. There actually are lamp shades hanging in the sky. Many of them. Each one a unique piece of artistic endeavor that adds to the ambiance of "la rue Cartier." A street full of quaint little eating places on each side of the street, bars, boutiques, bookstore and other commercial places. It's a hangout place to take a leisurely stroll, have a bite to eat or go out for a drink and experience the night life.

What adds to the beauty and ambiance is the architecture of all the old buildings. So neat to see. I would love to go back to have a better look during the day. Some of the structures are so neat. And just around the corner, "The Plains of Abraham." This too I'd like to have a closer look when there's more daylight. I'm sure it would be quite a different effect. I'll see. There's no planned schedule for this holiday. It's more like .... hmmm....what do I feel like doing today? I like that.

View from the Planes of Abraham looking out to the St. Lawrence seaway.

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