Saturday, 30 July 2016

The Sights & Sounds of Nature

Another beautiful day with exceptional weather to enjoy nature and it's many gifts. Started off with some journal writing outside on the swing, followed by breakfast and a walk. Then Josee and I set out to do some cycling.
Morning Walk Path

Inukshuk with stones from the fleuve  
Looking up towards the sky.

Nest found on the ground
From Josee's  place we cycled to old Quebec and took the Ferry across to Levis. By the time we took the ferry across again we had biked 25 km. and by the time we got back home it was a total of 45 km.

There are such beautiful flowers all along the bike paths. I couldn't resist taking pictures of a few.

My bum leg was starting to give me issues by the time we walked into the house to start supper. Goodness, it's been some 30 odd years since I broke that leg. It's never been the same but I can't complain. It could have been a lot worse.

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