Sunday, 31 July 2016

Sunday Excursions

If you've never been to a place called "Le Chocolat Favoris" the next time you visit Quebec, you should make sure you locate one and take the time to drive there and experience it. Check it out by clicking on this link:

I was told that no matter what time of day you go, there's always a line-up coming all the way out the door and that's exactly what we saw when we arrived and all the time we sat there to eat our scrumptious ice-cream. Oh man, I'm still full from that one!

Popcorn and Pepsi break by the cycling path.

Oh, and did you know that the special path allocated for cyclists only that I've been travelling on has not only one but two public pools to stop in at. And, did you know that all public outside pools in Quebec city are free of charge and you can stay as long as you want. Yup, I did that too.

Cargo Ship 
Before my lazy floating around the pool cooling off time, I biked to old Quebec again and watched some entertainers in the park for a while and rode further down the path on the Quebec side.

Horses in the park by one of the pools.
Tomorrow I want to go back to Levis which means I take the ferry across the St. Lawrence Seaway again. I would really like to bike the side I haven't done yet before I leave and time to leave is fast approaching. I'm hoping for an early start and a leisurely time by the water as well.

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