Saturday, 10 September 2016

9 Days Worth

Okay, well I won't bore you with every detail of the past 9 days but I'll give you a few highlights.

Reason for not being here - many and varied. You're probably thinking I'm going to say I've been too darn busy. True. But also true, is that I miss my paper journal and that's where I've been hanging out every day/night lately

Wish I could swing both my paper journal and the on-line blog, but I can't seem to manage both. The clock ticks it's way into the wee hours of the morning and by then my ever-ready battery runs out. I can no longer keep my eyes open or think straight so something falls to the wayside and it's either the blog or my journal.

No matter how many things you have on your "to-do" list," my honey says, "there are still only 24 hours in a day and some of those you have to spend sleeping." She's right of course and choices have to be made.

Look what I caught sight of on my way to Peace River yesterday. I turned North on Highway 49 from Donnelly Corner, and there he was, sitting as proud as could be on top of a power pole. The eagle is my totem animal - my spirit guide. I even have a pendant of an eagle on my gold chain that I always wear.

I had, the night before, asked for a sign to come to me to let me know if I was on the right path with a business decision that's been churning around in my head. I choose to believe that this majestic bird, who is rather rare around these parts, came to give me my answer.


I brought a few of my sunflowers inside today. In between the nippy frost bites, the heavy rains, occasional hail, and blasted winds we've been getting around here, I figured I'd better bring some of those smiley faces inside since I don't get to be outside to enjoy them half as much as I'd like lately.

It's been a busy enough week with work and stuff. Life is always interesting with my kind of job. I wrote in my journal the other day that what I enjoy most about counselling is that I get to experience an accelerated intimacy and bonding that most people take a long time to get to. In my interactions with clients, I am allowed to cut to the chase and dive into the core of things, which, of course, is what I enjoy and find meaningful. I've never been much for small talk.

A few days ago we got the opportunity to take a drive to Jasper with a couple of friends. It was a fast, unexpected, overnight trip but a wonderful one even if it was brief. It made me realize just how much I've missed the mountain air, the forests, clean water, and the snuggling, nurturing feeling I get from travelling in the Rockies.  

And, of course, a ride through the mountains is never complete without seeing some animals along the way. So beautiful. They make nature come alive.

This is how nature speaks to me. The mountains say, be still. The sun says, fear nothing. The animals say, pay attention. The flowers and trees say, notice everything and breathe. The moon and stars say, you never die.


  1. What's the business decision??

  2. Oh how I love your final paragraph! So perfect.
    Also, your description of what you enjoy most about counselling makes me think that could have been a career path for me. It's exactly what I enjoy when with people — deep, honest, personal connection instead of skimming the surface of things.

    1. Thanks Kate. Nature is inspiring to me.
      Didn't I just read in your writing that you are in a career transition? Counselling can still be a career path for you - can't it?